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On this page, you will find the disclaimer of, as provided by Menco.

n this disclaimer we indicate under which conditions we offer the information on our website to you. 

Intellectual property

The use of the information on this website is free as long as you do not copy, distribute, or otherwise use or abuse this information. You may only reuse the information on this website in accordance with mandatory laws and regulations.

Without the express written permission of Menco, it is not permitted to use text, photographs, or other materials on this website.

The intellectual property belongs to Menco.

No guarantee of accuracy

Regarding the prices displayed on our website, we strive to present them as accurately as possible and as intended. Errors that may arise and are recognizable as programming or typing errors do not constitute grounds for claiming or assuming a contract or agreement with Menco.

Menco aims to keep the website as up-to-date as possible. However, we cannot accept any liability for incomplete or incorrect information or content on this website, despite our efforts.

The information and/or products on this website are offered without any form of guarantee or claim to accuracy. We reserve the right to modify, remove, or repost these materials without any prior notice.

Menco does not accept any liability for information displayed on websites to which we refer via hyperlinks.


If this disclaimer undergoes changes, you will find the most recent version of this disclaimer on this page.

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